Marisa Swangha (pronounced “swan” like the bird, and “ga” like galaxy) is a Canadian-born visual artist. Having lived most of her life in Montreal, she is currently based in Ottawa.

A self-taught painter, her work is heavily informed by science, northern nature, and modern life. She interprets Canadian history and geography through layers, patterns, textures, and geometric abstractions.

Her influences are Mavis Pusey, Marcelle Ferron, Betty Goodwin, Louise Nevelson, Alex Janvier, Candida Alvarez, Leon Polk Smith, and Howardena Pindell.

Marisa’s work has been exhibited, to name a few, at the Orillia Museum of Art and History (Ontario), the Propeller Art Gallery and the O’Connor A Gallery (Toronto), FiveMyles Gallery (New York City), Montreal’s City Hall (Quebec), Kunstraum Kreuzberg Gallery (Berlin), the San Diego Museum of Art (California), and the University of Brighton Gallery (UK).
Corporate and private collectors of her artwork can be found in North America, the UK, Japan, Brazil, New Zealand, and Australia.