Marisa S. Swangha (pronounced "swan" like the bird, and "ga" like galaxy) is a self-taught multi-disciplinary Canadian artist (b. Quebec City, Canada).
She has lived most of her life in Montreal, with some years in London (UK) and New York City. She currently lives and works in Ottawa.

Her work is heavily informed and impacted by design, science, nature, winter, and urban spaces. Canadian identities, histories, and geographies are explored through layers, textures, and geometrical abstractions.

Marisa has exhibited in galleries and public spaces in Toronto, New York City, Montreal, Berlin, and San Diego.
Collectors and commissions of Swangha’s artwork can be found in Canada, the U.S., the UK, Japan, Brazil, France, and Australia.

She is, for more than a decade, a proud supporter of Visual AIDS which provides support to HIV+ artists and helps preserve their legacies.